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Tips to help you prepare for your interview

Man and woman shaking hands at a job interview

Being invited to interview for your dream job can be daunting but remember that you’ve been invited for interview because they want to talk to you. You’ve already made a good impression with your application and CV; the interview is your opportunity to show a potential employer they were right to invite you for an interview.

Good preparation will help build your confidence and calm your nerves. Our top tips are a great place to start.

1. Be organised

Taking some time to organise the ‘admin’ of your interview will ensure you have less to worry about on the day. Think about the location of the interview; how will you get there on time? Is it virtual? In which case, how is your computer set up? Make sure you’ve got a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted, and a good internet connection. Deciding what to wear and making lists and notes may seem like small things, but by planning in advance you can then move on and focus on the rest of your preparation.

2. Know the company and the industry

You may know quite a bit about the company already from your job search, now you need to dig deeper and gain further understanding of the structure, aims, and values. Their website and resources like LinkedIn are invaluable when brushing up on your knowledge. Who is in charge? What products or services do they offer and who are their customers? Make sure you’re up to date with current industry trends, news, and events.

3. Know the role

Now that you know more about the company, it’s worth making sure you are happy with what is involved in this role and what kind of career progression might be available. Think about the skills you already have; are they a good match for the role and will you be able to put them to good use? Do they offer training opportunities that will allow you to improve your skills, and that fit with your career aspirations? Have some questions ready if the description is vague.

4. Know your CV

When applying for different jobs, it’s always a good idea to tailor your CV to each role. If you’ve done this, it’s well worth going over the CV and covering letter you. Used to apply. Read through your personal statement, as well as any skills you’ve listed, as these are likely to be brought up during your interview.

5. Interview Prep

Your interview is your chance to expand on the information the interviewer already has about you, so you can show why you would be a great fit for this role and company. Interviewers want to know about you; why you want this role, how you work, and what your personality is like. Having a run through with a friend or family member is a good way to rehearse, get some feedback and consider what you’d like to get across. It’s also a chance for you to find out more about them. Don’t be afraid of asking questions; businesses like you to be interested.

For further information on classic interview questions, visit our blog!.

6. Breathe

The night before your interview, go over your notes, make sure you’re happy with all your ‘admin’, then get some rest. You’ve prepared and you’re ready, now you just need to be positive.

Don’t forget this is also your chance to assess this company and decide if you would like to work for them. If you would, it’s a good idea to follow up with the interviewer and thank them for their time.

These tips will help build your confidence and make a good impression, but if you need any help with your job search or CV, just get in touch.